How Telework!VA Can Benefits Your Company

Here is what we can do for your business free of charge:

Evaluate your existing telework program

Most likely, your company already has a telework policy.  Our experts can review the policy and point out potential problems that could arise down the road, and provide suggestions for improving the policy or making it more inclusive.

Establish or review a hybrid workplace plan

Hybrid workplaces are no fad, but the wrong plan could be the difference between a company’s competitive edge and falling behind.  DRPT’s Telework!VA experts can help design or review a hybrid workplace plan to ensure you company stays on top.

Determine technology needs

Think everyone has the technology they need to be at their peak of productivity?  Let us help you find out if each employee has the right equipment and connections.  Internet speed, VPN, the right sized monitor, wireless mouse, a powerful laptop, mobile phone, we will check everything.

Manager and employee training to maximize productivity, communication, and collaboration

Customized training to improve the productivity and interactions between managers and employees.  Training can be conducted virtually, in-person or a combination of both.

Analyze the use of technology tools used for communication and collaboration

Communication is one of the most important, maybe the most important, function of a successful workplace.  However, without the right tools and training, communication and work products can suffer.  Telework!VA’s experts can help ensure everyone has the right tools and knows how to use them to achieve maximum collaboration, productivity, and communication.

Confidential surveys of employees and managers

Surveys can help determine if your telework program is meeting the needs of everyone and identify areas of improvement.  Do your employees think they are being more productive working from home, but managers think they are less productive?  Our surveys can bear this out and determine if and why there are discrepancies.

Draft Continuation of Operations (COOP assistance) plan

We can review or draft how telework (employees working from home or another location outside of the office) as part of your company’s COOP to ensure essential business continues to get done.

Develop a transition strategy back to the workplace

If your employees have been working from home full-time because of the pandemic, and it is time to have them working in the office again, our telework experts can help create a plan that takes into consideration the “new normal” of life, ensures a productive workforce, and maintains or improves your company’s bottom line.

Create tailored telework policies, employee agreements, and plans

If you company does not have a telework policy or plan, Telework!VA can develop a plan, policies, employer agreements, and everything you need to have a successful telework program.  And our services are free!


Discover more information and helpful tips in the For Managers, and For Employees sections.

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