Testimonials and Case Studies

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“Telework!VA helped us craft a policy and agreement that provided a way for folks to transition back into in-office work but retain some of the benefits we realized during the forced telework situation by allowing an occasional telework arrangement.”
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission

“We were ready to go virtual almost immediately when the pandemic hit because we had the policy and infrastructure in place through the Telework!VA program.”
Wells & Associates

“We had the training which was very impactful. This allowed us to discover we could do more remote work and still stay effective for our clients.”
The Service Company

“The training classes have been greatly received by staff and management. I think more than 500+ people have been trained now since early 2020.”
Arlington County

“We were able to make a fairly easy transition when the pandemic hit because of the preparation. The training was instrumental for managers and employees and helped them to expand their mindset. It was very helpful. We’ve also done a lot more hiring remotely.”

“It was very helpful to understand how telework programs could work in an agency our size.  Telework!VA provided a survey that all employees participated in then designed two separate sessions – one for staff and one for management.”
Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission

“I believe the trainings helped initially to ease the minds of supervisors and their barriers to remote work.”
Tesla Government

"A VOIP telephone system combined with a document imaging system has allowed us to create a virtual office in the telework environment. Operating costs have been reduced significantly. Productivity has remained high, if not increased. Employee satisfaction with the program is high."

“Our teleworkers report that they are working more efficiently and effectively, and as a disability organization, many of our employees have benefited from the reduction in their commute in terms of stamina and avoiding the physical strain required to travel to and from work every day.”
Endependence Center, Inc.

“Telework!VA has enabled us to allow a number of our staff members to work from home-based or virtual offices an average of two days per week.  As a result, we’ve found that our employees’ relationships with internal and external customers have improved. In addition, the decreased commuting time and lower fuel expenses that the employees experience engender loyalty to MABC.”
Mid-Atlantic Business Communications, Inc.

"Teleworking is immensely popular at MHz. We were able to retain a valued employee who moved from Falls Church to Fredericksburg a few months ago, because we’re allowing her to telecommute two to three days a week. It’s helpful for both attracting and retaining employees in the congested metro area that we all live in."

“[After] Launching a [Telework] program, the National Head Start Association has seen productivity increase markedly for teleworking individuals. Teleworkers enjoyed reduced commute times and costs, being closer to family... and the general lessening of stress in all aspects of their lives.”
National Head Start Association

“Dispelling one of teleworking's biggest myths, supervisors said communication actually improved. Also, teleworkers reported an average increase in productivity of 17 percent.”
National School Boards Association

“Because the National Wildlife Federation is a conservation and environmental organization, it made sense for this steward of Mother Earth to implement a formal telework program for its employees. During the two-year project period, the program grew by more than 900 percent and vehicle trips were reduced by 2,947.”
National Wildlife Federation

“The CSPDC used the services of TeleworkVA last fall during our annual staff retreat and manager training. Consultant Robin Mack did a wonderful job customizing the program to our specific needs and shared some practical advice on how to succeed in our new virtual work environment."
Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission

Case Studies

Calibre Systems was experiencing some growth when it was approached by a small group of employees interested in teleworking. Given the technology base of Calibre Systems’ business, it was only natural to put a program in place. The option of allowing some employees to work offsite was a promising alternative to an expensive move.

Considerable growth led JDB to consider a telework program. The goal of the program was to avoid relocation, alleviate scarce and expensive parking and attract and retain employees.

GeoConcepts realized that the everyday commute in Northern Virginia was stressful for employees. GeoConcepts designed a telework solution with the goal of recruiting and retaining skilled employees.